A series of exhibits, talks, film and art illuminating the life and works of Nikola Tesla

Presented by Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe
Hosted by OK Stereo (Oakland, CA)

Explore genius! Get hands-on with electrifying exhibits that bring Tesla’s work to life.

Singing Tesla Coils • Electromagnetic Machines • Amazing Augmented Reality Display • Interactive Invention Exhibits • And More!

Exhibit & Live Demo Night
Friday Oct. 19th from 6–9pm

OK Stereo, 299 3rd Street, Oakland CA 94607

Exhibit & Live Demo Day
Saturday Oct. 20th from 1–4pm

OK Stereo, 299 3rd Street, Oakland CA 94607

RSVP required • Admission is free

Upcoming Events
Special Tesla talks, presentations and performances will be scheduled on select dates. More events being added for weekends throughout October, November and December—please check in for updates

Friday Nov. 2nd, 6–9pm & Saturday Nov. 3rd, 6–9pm

Exclusive screening of the award-winning documentary Tower to the People, featuring Q&A with the film’s director and Nikola Tesla expert, Joseph Sikorski.

Friday Nov. 16, 6–9pm

Presentation by Nick Lonchar, President of the Tesla Science Foundation

Friday Nov. 30th, 6–9pm & Saturday Dec. 1st, 1–4 pm

Explore an electrifying array of exhibits while listening to the Tesla-inspired music of performing artist Delphine Tesla.

A series of events inspired by one of history's greatest inventors and humanitarians, Nikola Tesla.

TESLA'S LABORATORY presents electrifying interactive science exhibits as well as Tesla-inspired talks, art, music and film.

TESLA'S LABORATORY exhibits and events bring light to Tesla's life and work while raising awareness for the project to restore Wardenclyffe, site of his only remaining laboratory.


Support provided by Empire State Development’s I LOVE NEW YORK program under the Market NY initiative.